Weaving Thoughts in Words

Mind is a continuously spinning wheel. There are millions of thoughts generated by this wheel. Let’s weave few of them today. Let’s materialize thoughts into fabric and see threads and colors we are capable to create.

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Saying Goodbye

I had nothing and you had nothing, Life gave us things we earned and deserved, I met you and you met me, I needed you and you needed me, I wanted you and you wanted me, I became you and you became me, Me and you became we, We had nothing. Life gave us thingsContinue reading “Saying Goodbye”

Plane Crash in Kerala

Respected Mr. Shashi Taroor, The plane that crashed in Kerala this morning is a tragedy. Please accept my sincere condolensces to the affected families. As Indians, we started flying in planes after independence, Indians travelling air before independence, they were just ‘priviledged’, not ‘Indians’. We are doing pretty good and will achieve great heights ofContinue reading “Plane Crash in Kerala”