Live life King size – How?

King size life means a comfortable life rich with resources and pampering. Once you are a King, if you wish to enjoy a mango, people will plant a garden of mango trees for you. Just like if you’re a president and you want a ride,  Government will provide you with the coolest and safest vehicle without a number plate (True swag! only if you could use it for ‘Smoke-box’ practice!).

If you’re a prince, you do not need a degree to follow your passion. You could get an internship in Rolls Royce, spend 3 years in England to understand automobile mechanics and come back to your country. Your mother would help you start a motor company, a chief minister would allot few acres of land for your project to get favors from your family member in power. Government would you award your company with a contract. And then, you could get distracted in political drama and put the whole car manufacturing project in the last drawer of your princely table. This would never be questioned. A decade later someone just revives the project and ties up with Japanese to build one of the most affordable and durable cars in the country. This is an excerpt from life of one of the Eccentric Princes of Independent India (EPII). Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi (Prime Minister, India during 1966 – 1977 & 1980 – 1984). (EPII – It’s a study of assholes in Independent India, more on that later.)

Pretty convenient, right? We would all do such ‘follow-your-passion’ project in different manner and on different scale, had any of us been a King, Prince or even a royalty. What mostly is underlined in exaggeration of a king’s life is the tension, conflicts and decision making moments. Anyways, who gives a fuck about it?

So what’s the meaning of ‘Live life a King size’?.

My theory is that if someone has all the resources in the world, his decision making power is more clear and sound than people with limited resources. A King does not hesitate to declare a war,  a businessman is reluctant about a war, and a peasant dreads it. Decision making with less resources is easier because it’s more selfish and less social. However, a king is more clear about the necessity and consequences of war than businessman and peasant.

When we assume that we have all the resources, our decision making is more social than selfish, because we are assured of its abundance.

In order to realize our optimal potential, we need imagine that we have all the resources available. This will nudge us to take right actions towards solution while working with limited resources. If an analyst has to devise a solution to a problem, he/she must think of a solution with only logical thinking, not rational.

What is the difference between rational and logical thinking? If someone has a drinking problem, getting him into a rehab is a rational decision; counselling him to find out underlying reasons of drinking and investing resources to improve those situations and enable the individual to make better decisions than drinking is the logical solution.

Logical thinking stretches your analysis muscle and rational thinking pulls it back in shape.

If we apply this to daily lives, we need to assume that everyone around is a King, a prince or a royalty of their own worlds. Once you respect them as they are and start listening to them; it’s easier to see through their bitching, lying, hiding, misleading and judgements.

We deal with lot of resource limitations in our personal as well as professional life. We always let these limitations shape our decisions. Which is why most of the decisions are rational. Rational decisions are useful decisions, we need them to stay sane. Logical decisions are necessary exercise for analysis muscle. Overdose of logical muscle makes us high on analysis and leads to trouble.

If we empower everyone to make at least logical decisions with every the 10 ration decisions, friction of our co-existence would improve. Google does this by implementing OKRs, where every key result is a rational decision for a bigger logical decision – Objective. Amazon does this by ‘2 Pizza Teams’ by promoting autonomy and authority.

When a programming team assumes that they have all the resources in the world (best infrastructure, most efficient language, access to all the researches, smartest tools and oh, smartest end-users in the world!), they tend to make really surprising decisions in executing the project. When they focus on these decisions while working with limited resources, the clarity and ownership makes the end product better than expected or conceptualized.

Coruscate and Zujo tries this thing in a similar manner. Pitch-deck used for induction of welcome new employee has a slide with sentence ‘What if you had all the resources in the world?’ This slide has a picture of Shahrukh Khan – a successful actor (Another definition for EEPI).

As an individual, everyone could start living life a King size by simple role-play of ‘King’ vs ‘Real Me’. As you get more comfortable as a King, what everyone saying about you is true and at the same time, you don’t need to give a fuck about it. If you thinking to try this out, I recommend NOT watching ‘The Dictator’ movie before assuming yourself a King, it’ll get you in trouble.

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