Amazon on Mars

Restriction is a good thing. Without it, humans are no better than animals.

We cry a lot about freedom of expression. There has always few fuckers who show up and create chaos out of nothing in every era. In 21st century, we got global platforms like Facebook and Twitter to allow everyone to access. These platforms have covered only a small part of the global population, there are still more assholes offline. However, if you take a look at quality of overall online content, it’s concerning. We put out more shit on the internet than physical world, and there’s a lot of shit in physical world.

If we plant a tree on Mars for every shitty post, article or website. It’ll be more greener than earth in near future. They’ll develop their jungles of Amazon. Probably one of the jungles will be developed by Blue Origin. That jungle would be truly the Amazon, given both Blue Origin and Amazon are ran by Jeff Bezos.

Bezos would then be de facto first God on Mars. A God with a great journey from an entrepreneur to the best version of himself. This would make future generations on Mars following values lie ‘2 Pizza Teams’ and ‘Importance of Mico-services’. Core values at the center of Amazon would be written down into scriptures.

If Amazon or Google runs a city for 5 years as government, they could achieve a lot more than existing dumbfucks. They are sitting on gold-mines of value based cultures that could transform a human being with a very much positive impact.

I agree with John Doerr on working with OKRs. It was presented to Coruscate board by a good friend in past, I laughed at it. However, when we look at the underlying psychology, OKRs is one of the most productive model to achieve optimum output of human life. I agree, life is not the race, but I deeply care about winning the race at the same time. It’s a psychological paradox. If we want to run faster, we’re going to need practise, with practice, comes discipline. OKR is the discipline that we need to build to keep our eyes on the prize. (This para is slightly trippy with purpose).

Imagine, our administration decides to achieve the goal: Make information accessible and organized.

Achieving this goal would require fundamental transformation. We may need to translate constitution and teach it as a subject from grade 5th to 10th. By the time a kid is 15, he should know more laws than what a traffic police officer knows today. This will knock out a lot of malpractices and indiscipline out of the process in one swing.

If we start working on policies with user stories and use cases, there are a lot of use cases of rape, bribe and murders where event can be avoided with simple tweak in social behavior or deep infrastructure.

This should make world a ‘Good-to-spend-time’ at every phase of user journey from birth to death.

We would have much more clearer society who would understand that human birth is an event of celebration for the science involved in it. And there is no difference between birth of a male or birth of a female child, they both should be welcomed with same warmth. It’s the new brain that counts, what’s between the legs rarely makes any difference.

We’d have Sundar Pichai and Elon Musk running different countries. Sudar running the States and Musk running Africa, given his love for the nature and sunlight (pun intended). That would help us understand that relationships between the countries is not made by checking off the benefits to us, rather it’s made by checking off the benefits for what’s better for all of us.

This is the world where I’d vote for the administration to run the government by their Goals. Not their ideals, past, cast or color. Their goals would have policies outlining how they want to improve me as an individual, family, community, city, state, nation, world. In sense, a citizen can truly be served or a government can truly serve.

Grammatical corrections are welcome. :thankyou (I wish there was an emoji for this word).

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