Plane Crash in Kerala

Respected Mr. Shashi Taroor,

The plane that crashed in Kerala this morning is a tragedy. Please accept my sincere condolensces to the affected families.

As Indians, we started flying in planes after independence, Indians travelling air before independence, they were just ‘priviledged’, not ‘Indians’. We are doing pretty good and will achieve great heights of excellence.

As an industry, aviation cannot make such a mistake in a decade. This is a result of a trickling effect of lousiness. Here’s my thought: Aviation was a foreign concept to Indians in 1930s. We were intoxicated in the spirit of ‘Freedom’. We were now free to make a choice. Choice of who gets to rob us for the next five years.

Thankfully, JRD Tata wanted to fly.

He pursued his dream to length and became the first pilot licsence holder in India, at the age of 25. With 3 years of experience at 28, he started Tata Airlines in 1932. He and his team were great at their job.

During worldwar in 1940s, they helped the Royal Air Force with troop movements, shipping of supplies, rescue of refugees and maintenance of aircraft.

Why does it matter? Because the ideology that you represent came in the way of growth and innovation. Here’s how:

Government is responsible to develop the economy by distributing the opportunities of wealth creation to existing and new businesses based on their merit. It’s simple democracy.

However, free India, now run by a family instead of an empire, was on everytime high of power.

Pandit(?) Jawaharlal Nehru snatched a business and potentially the whole industry from private, passionate and a genius citizen of India. [When I compare the ‘First Pilot Licsence’ with goldmedals of any category, they look like trinkets].

JRD Tata was heartbroken. The process of governising the private company was brutal. The staff learnt about JRD’s exit from Airlines on a radio. When asked, “Sir, we have heard about your exit on radio. How do you feel about it?” JRD’s exact words were, “I feel as you would feel if your favourite child was taken away.”

Inefficiency of Congress in 1950s trickled down like a mercury in consequent generations. Our standard of quality for flying safety is this:

The Boeing 737, en route from Dubai, skidded off the runway in rain and broke in two after landing at Calicut airport, aviation officials said.

Oh yes, you can shrug this off as part of your ‘Blame it all on Nehru’ excuse.

Here’s a trivia. while grieving loss of Tata Airservices, JRD Tata started yet another venture through one of his subsidies, Tata Oil Mils, and called it Lakme Cosmetics. Look where it is now. Quality parameters of a cosmetic (luxury) company yielded better results than quality parameters of Air India (Which as of today, is a plane crashing and resulting into Loss of Life, no… it’s a loss of #fuckingaccountability.)

Warm regards to everyone affected. This should not have happened. We let the father of Civil Aviation down today.

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