Saying Goodbye

I had nothing and you had nothing,

Life gave us things we earned and deserved,

I met you and you met me,

I needed you and you needed me,

I wanted you and you wanted me,

I became you and you became me,

Me and you became we,

We had nothing.

Life gave us things we earned and deserved

I became fire, on the coal of your love,

Fire gives light and knows no rules

I became boundless, with every part of my existence alive to the core

Fire has no direction, no morals and no wisdom what so ever

It cannot be led or followed, for it burns everything it touches

I became clueless and loner than ever, because without blinking, I burnt us all the same

Fire is blind and so, I lost you

You still burned, for we thought the light was we

We fell apart and became me and you

All you were left with was ash and I was a light without fire

I knew the light is no longer the same and the darkness is inevitable

Like a setting sun, I knew my world will be dark, regardless of its comfort and beauty

I hope the ash becomes wood again, for there’s plenty of water for everything on this earth

I hope your soul becomes whole again, for it’s the only source of light

All I expect from life is things I can earn, for I’ve lost the right to deserve

I belong to darkness, as I was here before I met you and you met me

I’m grateful to you for giving me light, memories of which are enough food for the rest of this journey

Cheers, to never lightening up again, as exciting it is, it’s a nightmare all the same.

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