What remains of the light

Here’s a poem by Arunoday Singh, he articulates it in the best way, gets me everytime. [https://youtu.be/noXnIMY7qN4]

There is no easy way to say this, there is no easy way to say this

We’re more lost than ever before

This isn’t where we were meant to be

This isn’t what we were searching for

None of this seems right and none of us seems sure

We should be sailing in ocean breeze

Instead of trembling on the kitchen floor

And we wish, we could be better,

We wish, we could be smarter,

We wish, we could be a just little more

We wish we could stay in the sky

Not wash like rubbish on the shore,

We wish we could be high and mighty

Instead of begging for a little mercy

We wish they wouldn’t laugh and say how you dare fall so low

And you have to laugh as well don’t you?

Because you who were made in the sky, were brought down low,

You who were made in the sky, were taught, how to live, where you never wanted to go

And you forgot what you once were, and the glory that you once knew,

And you got lost in the thicket, and you forget that you once flew

Well, all is not lost, just look around this place

See the flickers of the same light, that flickers from the shadows of your own face,

Here’s the miracle darlings, here’s what remains of the light,

We’re all survivors of the same catastrophe, we, are the only shelter in sight

And i know it gets lonely some nights, and your mirror reminds you

Everything that you are not

And you wish, you were what you wanted to be,

Not this shadow puppet filled, with a stranger, stranger thoughts

Even when we laugh, our heart clenches

Even when we make love, some part of us, rehearses how to say good bye

No one’s getting out of here alive,  not your parents, not your friends, certainly not you or i

But we are all here, together, however long it will last

We are all here, together, being bent out of shape, a little at a time

We are here, together, trying to keep our futures better than our past

Holding each other tightly, together, while trying not to get lost in the crowd

Rising daily, falling nightly, together, weary, yes but still unbound

Come out of the catacombs, that you wander, in the night

Let your heart break once and for all, it’s never worked quite right

The heart, is where they beat you, and make you kneel again

They want you to wear their labels, they want you to love their chains

They want you easy to handle, but you have to remember

You are neither the light, nor the shadow cast, you are but the candle

The world tells you to celebrate, that which is movement and fury

And tells you to learn, how to yearn, to climb, to soar, to roar

But the beauty of who you are, is revealed

When you cease, to be dancer, and grow as humble, and still as the floor

I want you to say this with me – I love myself completely

And that, is all you need to get by

I love myself completely, and no matter how low i ever fall

I always return to the sky.

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