Plane Crash in Kerala

Respected Mr. Shashi Taroor, The plane that crashed in Kerala this morning is a tragedy. Please accept my sincere condolensces to the affected families. As Indians, we started flying in planes after independence, Indians travelling air before independence, they were just ‘priviledged’, not ‘Indians’. We are doing pretty good and will achieve great heights ofContinue reading “Plane Crash in Kerala”

Live life King size – How?

King size life means a comfortable life rich with resources and pampering. Once you are a King, if you wish to enjoy a mango, people will plant a garden of mango trees for you. Just like if you’re a president and you want a ride,  Government will provide you with the coolest and safest vehicleContinue reading “Live life King size – How?”

IT Professionals Work Long Hours – Why?

Engineering is one of the oldest business. Word ‘engineering’ became popular in 1500s when specialists were hired to build military fortification. Skill of an engineer has been in existence since the time man or a woman invented wheel (it could very well be a woman if we consider the unpredictability of a wheel). Engineers shouldContinue reading “IT Professionals Work Long Hours – Why?”

Herd Immunity – Is it the solution?

Viruses have been around us since the beginning of time. They were here before us. They use living organisms like humans, bats, pigs and others to move around. They are so arrogant that they see no difference between humans and pigs, all living organisms are same to them: carriers. There are smart viruses like RhinovirusContinue reading “Herd Immunity – Is it the solution?”

Cure to COVID-19 – Hope or Hoax?

Are we going to find a cure to COVID-19? Maybe or maybe not. World has seen numerous outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics through centuries. Sometimes they were named as plagues and sometimes we didn’t even know what hit us. Most importantly, we did not find cure every time. We have reached to the moon and theContinue reading “Cure to COVID-19 – Hope or Hoax?”