COVID-19 – Beginning of the End?

World has changed a lot in last several weeks. Roads are empty and quiet. Traffic is gone. Pandemic fear and social distancing frenzy are still in full swing. A lot of countries are struggling, few countries are succeeding to a degree (enough to build a positive hope), few countries are just signing up for theContinue reading “COVID-19 – Beginning of the End?”

Developed Economy – What is it, do we fit in it?

Developed Economy – What is it? India is a developing country. It’s a polite way to highlight economical and social conditions of our country. I was taught this in school. It was years later when I realized that the meaning of ‘India is a developing country’ is actually ‘We are a third world country withContinue reading “Developed Economy – What is it, do we fit in it?”

Nationwide Shutdown – Logical?

A virus outbreak has taken over the world. Thousands of sources are sharing millions of updates regarding the pandemic. Majority of them are similar and most similar ones are seemed most trustworthy, regardless of underlying assumptions and presumptions. For example: Shutting down transport and isolating people can break the infection chain. We built amazing networkingContinue reading “Nationwide Shutdown – Logical?”