Plane Crash in Kerala

Respected Mr. Shashi Taroor, The plane that crashed in Kerala this morning is a tragedy. Please accept my sincere condolensces to the affected families. As Indians, we started flying in planes after independence, Indians travelling air before independence, they were just ‘priviledged’, not ‘Indians’. We are doing pretty good and will achieve great heights ofContinue reading “Plane Crash in Kerala”

An Open Letter to Me

Fuck the world, and it’s need of being organized, cultured, civilized and practical. You are an universal being. You are a part of a larger civilizations. Human civilization is a part of it. You are here to improve it, not to fight and whine about it. Find yourself, life is not a journey about findingContinue reading “An Open Letter to Me”

Amazon on Mars

Restriction is a good thing. Without it, humans are no better than animals. We cry a lot about freedom of expression. There has always few fuckers who show up and create chaos out of nothing in every era. In 21st century, we got global platforms like Facebook and Twitter to allow everyone to access. TheseContinue reading “Amazon on Mars”

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