Live life King size – How?

King size life means a comfortable life rich with resources and pampering. Once you are a King, if you wish to enjoy a mango, people will plant a garden of mango trees for you. Just like if you’re a president and you want a ride,  Government will provide you with the coolest and safest vehicleContinue reading “Live life King size – How?”

IT Professionals Work Long Hours – Why?

Engineering is one of the oldest business. Word ‘engineering’ became popular in 1500s when specialists were hired to build military fortification. Skill of an engineer has been in existence since the time man or a woman invented wheel (it could very well be a woman if we consider the unpredictability of a wheel). Engineers shouldContinue reading “IT Professionals Work Long Hours – Why?”

Developed Economy – What is it, do we fit in it?

Developed Economy – What is it? India is a developing country. It’s a polite way to highlight economical and social conditions of our country. I was taught this in school. It was years later when I realized that the meaning of ‘India is a developing country’ is actually ‘We are a third world country withContinue reading “Developed Economy – What is it, do we fit in it?”